Advertisement Production

Client: Tmaxx (an European sanitary brand) importer in China.

Summary: MMF Cross-Cultural Production was commissioned by a Chinese company to produce 50 advertising images including 8 scenes and minimum 2 western-looking models for their new sanitary products Tmaxx.  The client aimed to promote their Made in Germany brand primarily two groups of Chinese women in China: university/college students and 25-40 years old middle-class women. The client requested that the photographs have to cover bedroom scene, bathroom scene, office scene, student scene, shopping scene, outdoor lifestyle scene, exercise scene and swimming scene. It had to reflect the clean, comfortable and happy features of their series of  Tmaxx products.  With a very limited budget in RMB which turned into a small budget in Australian dollars, we carefully and well-organised put 8 required scenes into one-day shooting. We also carefully selected and hired two Australian models and hired an venue for the shooting. Director Mingming wrote and draw a detailed shooting storyboard as well as organised a shooting audition with photographers to set up all positions and lightings prior to the 9 hours actual shooting.  Models and makeup artist were briefed and given detailed instructions. The shooting went very successful. The team had done about 1500 photos in one day and selected the best 200 images for the client to choose. The Chinese company was very satisfied with the result and now negotiating the next shooting and video filming for other products. 

Result:  This is a good sample to show how a small budget can still produce excellent advertisements, and how a bi-ligual cross-cultural specialist can succeed in commercial productions by putting both Australian and Chinese talents together. The understanding (knowledge) of the targeted audience and the market are also keys for us to deliver the good results. 

Scope of work:
+ Concept Development
+ Direction
+ Production
+ Style  

Production: MMF Communications
Art Director: Mingming Feng
Chief Photographer: Horace Li
Lighting Assistant: Herman Zhang
Makeup / Hair Artist: Carmelle Watkins
Primary Model: Lavinia Grace White
Secondary Model: Alexia Cummings
Stylist: Mingming Feng


Part of Shooting Storyboard (drawn by Mingming Feng) 


Video editing by Mingming Feng 


See how and where the images are used on Tmaxx Chinese E-commerce website