RGS Chinese Prospectus

Client: Rockhampton Grammar School

Brief: The prospectus is produced for Chinese parents and education agents in Shanghai and Beijing; The Chinese content must be written from a perspective of  Chinese living in metropolitan cities in China. Writing Style: fresh and friendly.

Scope of work:
+ Concept development
+ School visiting & interviews with students
+ Editorial Plan
+ Chinese content copywriting
+ Translation from English into Chinese
+ Translation from Chinese into English  

(a collaboration work with BWD)

Sample pages from the Chinese prospectus of Rockhampton Grammar School 

Below is an English literate translation from the Chinese content written by MMF Cross-Cultural Communication. 

Why choose Rockhampton? 

You may have visited or heard of Sydney, Melbourne even Brisbane in Australia. Rockhampton? You may have never come across the name of this city. However, you must have tasted or bought fresh and tender Aussie beef before, and know the UNESCO World Heritage Great Barrier Reef, or the state of Queensland which is famous for its tropical natural wonders. All of these can be related to Rockhampton.

Many people compare Sydney to Shanghai, and Melbourne to Beijing, then Rockhampton, with its magnificent nature scenes, pleasant climate, friendly residents, safe community, 21st century modern facilities, and charming historical architecture, can be regarded as the city Qinhuangdao in China.

Pleasant Climate
Zero Distance to Nature

Tired of grey smog and polluted air in big cities? Clean air, abundant sunshine, warm seasons in Rockhampton can make sure your children are living a healthy lifestyle in a sunny and unpolluted environment.

Queensland is famous for its breathtaking beautiful nature. The magnificent nature scenes in Rockhampton makes Queensland worthy of its reputation. Apart from the Fitzroy River right on the doorstep and Rockhampton Botanic Gardens, there are Mount Archer National Park in the north-eastern part of town providing spectacular views of the city, as well as the nearby Rockhampton Zoo. Your children can embrace the nature anytime, and widen their horizons.

Strong Multiculture
Friendly People and Safe Community

For Australia’s 24 million people, friendly Queenslanders are a household word. Northern Queenslanders are even more kind-hearted and neighbourly. Walking on the street in Rockhampton, the local residents will smile to you and greet you with a casual ‘G’day’. No matter when you are shopping in the supermarkets, doing things in the post office or taking an excursion in the nature, Rockhampton local people will proactively give you a hand whenever you need help.

Similar to the big cities in Australia, Rockhampton has a strong multicultural element. Apart from the early immigrants from England and Europe, there are people from different countries in theworld, such as Vietnam, China, Korea, India, the Philippines, and Sri Lanka. People with different languages and different skin colours live in a harmony in Rockhampton. The society and community is stable and safe.

Over One Hundred Years of History

Surrounded by beautiful nature, the city of Rockhampton also has strong historical roots.

With over 200 years of history dating from the early part of the establishment of Australia as a country, Rockhampton which was founded in 1853 has a long history. The city centre has a wide range of colonial historical architects, from many fine public buildings to colourful private houses, including the Customs House, old Post Office, cathedrals, banks, business houses and homes etc. In Rockhampton, your children can experience and learn the ‘first-hand’ Australian history.

Convenient Transport
Only One Day Distance

Rockhampton airport is only a couple of minutes by car from the city centre. Leaving home in China, you will arrive before the dust. Only 10 hours’ distance.

Direct flight from China to Brisbane - 9 hours
Flight from Brisbane to Rockhampton - 50 minutes

There is direct flight from Shanghai and Guangzhou to Brisbane every day. The journey is around 9 hours.

Say Goodbye to Crowded Big Cities

Embrace Authentic Aussie Life

Unlike big cities, Rockhampton does not have skyscrapers, nor busy and nonstop cars and crowds. Wide streets, a spacious city layout, 19 century Victorian-style buildings, friendly and safe neighbourhoods, Australian native gumtrees, and nearby farmlands and national parks, Rockhampton has what the big cities don’t have: the authenticity of real Aussie life.

Even though with no skyscrapers, Rockhampton does not lack comprehensive high-tech public facilities. You can enjoy the same level of modern services you could have in any big city. It has an art gallery, a theatre, a library, a museum, and modern shopping centres all located close to each other in the city centre and open to the public year-round.

Rockhampton Fast Facts

01Established: 1853
02History: 134 years
03Population: around 83,000
04Transport: Rockhampton Airport
05Health: one private hospital, two state-level hospitals
06University: Central Queensland University
07Art: Rockhampton Art Gallery
08Theatre: Pilbeam Theatre
09Museum: two railway museums
10Famous attractions: Rockhampton Botanic Garden, Rockhampton Zoo, Mount Archer National Park, Rockhampton Heritage Village


One page infographic for RGS
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