PGA IGI China Marketing

Client: PGA International Golf Institute

Background: PGA International Golf Institute is a leader in golf education in Australia. It delivers Australia’s only Diploma of Golf Management qualification. Being a golf education and training leader in the country, it has attracted students from more than 20 countries including China, Korea, Vietnam as well as from Europe and the Americas.

China has been an important market for the institute. However, past Chinese students were sourced from only a couple of golf industry partners. The number was small ever year. Since golf has become a popular sport for China’s growing middle-class and for wealthy families there, there is demand from Chinese families who want to send their children to study golf and associated degrees overseas.

Being the only institute in Australia delivering Diploma of Golf Management, PGA IGI wishes to strengthen its ties with existing partners, build new relationships and commence a wide recruitment campaign in China.  

MMF Communications, with extensive experience in bridging marketing communications between the two nations, was approached by PGP IGI to produce a Chinese recruitment brochure for the Chinese audience.

Scope of work:
- PGI IGI logo in Chinese
- Recruitment content translation
- Brochure design

Solution: With our general working process - research, concept development, define and create, we mapped out a couple of main production steps to get this brochure produced properly in order to achieve the best marketing results for the client.

A. Institute Name Translation
B. PGA IGI logo in Chinese
C. Content Translation (Writing)
D. Creative Design with Cross-culture Approach


Name translation is a quite time-consuming process. However, it is often far underestimated in Australia. Most of people think any native Chinese speaker could simply get a name translated. People also think it probably would take no more than one hour. In fact, to get a  corporate name in English translated into Chinese for the Chinese audience requires from the translator a sound knowledge of Chinese literature, understanding of the English meaning and the context behind it, and proper research on the industry as well as best practice of similar corporate names in China.

Reinterpret the existing logo by adding Chinese translation underneath following a similar font style and colours to maintain the distinctive look and feel of the original English typography.

Here are some screenshots demonstrating our process and work on name translation and Chinese logo adaption for PGA IGI.


Final PGA IGI Chinese logo:



Many Australian universities and schools have produced various marketing brochures for the China market. Depending on their budgets, some were produced by using the English brochure design and only replacing the English content with Chinese content. Some were redesigned by in-house marketing teams or local creative agencies who have little cross-cultural input.

Before we work on the design, we carefully reviewed the branding guide and the existing PGA IGI English brochure. We defined the things that could be maintained in the Chinese brochure. Meanwhile, we created the main graphic elements from a cross-cultural perspective and at the same time reflecting strong elements already used in the PGA IGI branding identity.

Cross-cultural design consideration:

The graphic elements we extracted from exiting PGA IGI logo are: circles.

Circles look fun and vivid symbolising “play golf” and “study golf”. Fun is a look and feel element we want to add into the Chinese brochure which the English brochure lacks. Also, it perfectly matches the slogan written by PGA IGI marketing team: “ Play Golf. Study Golf. Combine Golf With University”.

Circle in Chinese culture have a positive connotation. A perfect circle in Chinese culture stands for “unity”, “perfection” and “fulfilled”. The consideration of the shapes in the visual design is quite important when producing marketing brochures for the Chinese audience. 


Creating branded infographics to visulize the location of PGA IGI, Diploma of Gold Management diagrams, study pathways and program features etc.

PGA IGI CH Design Concepts.jpg
PGA IGI CH Design Concepts2.jpg
CH+PGA+IGI+A4+BROCHURE_digital_Page_1 copy.jpg