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China Marketing - Don't forget about Weibo

China Marketing - Don't forget about Weibo

WeChat has become the most popular Chinese social media app among companies and individuals in Australia. We see a trend that more and more businesses are using WeChat accounts to promote their products and services.

As a boutique bi-lingual communications agency, we assisted a number of clients by using the WeChat channel to promote their services, which has achieved a huge success. However, when we tried to introduce a packaged social media campaign including both WeChat and Weibo to Australian companies, many people tended to be very unfamiliar with Weibo. Therefore, I decided to write a brief introduction to Weibo.

Sina Weibo is often called the " Chinese version of Twitter ". But, Weibo is more versatile than Twitter. The latest report shows that Weibo has more than 600 million users and 200 million monthly active users.

What are the benefits of using Weibo?

  • Improve brand recognition among Chinese people;
  • Build a good network with potential customers in China;
  • A mid-term strategy to increase sales

Diffrent Weibo Accounts

There are 4 different types of Weibo accounts:

1. Regular personal account
2. Verified personal  account
3. Regular company account
4. Verified company account

There is also a VIP upgrade that can be aded to any one of the accounts above ( for example, 28.5RMB for 3 months - charged by Sina Weibo). Here is a comparison between 4 accounts.

Regular personal account:

  •  set up free ( have to be verified by a cellphone) 
  • NO account badge
  • NO privileges
  • NO documents required 

Verified personal account:

  • set up free
  • YES account badge - orange V
  • YES privilege - access to Activity Centre and publish prize-rewarding activities

+ From overseas:
1) proof of employment of your company;
2) some form of ID, such as driver's license, passport or business card;
3) business registration certificate (*at least 2 of 3 documents above are required) 

Regular company account:

  • set up free (have to be verified by a cellphone) 
  • NO account badge
  • NO privileges
  • NO documents required  

Verified company account:

  • 300RMB set up fee (for Chinese companies)
  • YES account badge - blue V
  • privileges - change cover image; use 5 sliding images on profile page; access to Activity Centre and publish prize-rewarding activities
  • documents required:

1) company registration documents;
2) a brief introduction of your company about its productions and services;
3) scanning business card of one staff who is in charge of social media marketing;
4) purchase order;
5) authorization application letter;
6) Weibo community convention;
7) third party authorisation letter *

* a third party authorisation letter means you hire an individual or an agency to setup and manage your company's Weibo account

Chinese consumers are very sceptical of businesses and concerned about dishonest information, so Weibo is a powerful tool for good word of mouth!

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